Why I decided to do this in the middle of a global pandemic

So the idea of this blog has been in my mind for a while now...but I just kept putting it off. Largely because I had no real time to sit back and set everything on my mind into words. Enter quarantine. It's a time of anxiety for everyone and I don't really agree with all the "make this period fun and productive" messages floating around because it's not easy. With the uncertainty, wrecked economies and lives lost no one really has the energy or resources left to "start a side hustle" or something else equally moronic.

For me, I finally started this to distract and busy myself and keep stray thoughts and anxiety at bay. Fashion is no one's priority right now, not even the fashion companies. Most are doing extraordinary things to help out in the fight against the disease. But it's always been a distraction for me so I decided to use this extra time to pen down all the experiences and thoughts in my head around this. I am writing other things too but this corner stays as a reminder of happier times for the world.

We can't predict yet what kind of world we are going to come out into once this is all over. That it will be different from the one we went into it with is a certainty, if for nothing else then the number of lives lost and impacted. I'm praying it will be a better one though with more respect for nature, resources and the planet as a whole. Perhaps with a collective lesson that at the end of the day all our wars and conflicts are so petty and that in truth we are all in this together but that might be too much to hope for. Still we can always hope. Hang in there.


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