When old isn't always gold....

Do you happen to own a bag which is way past its heyday but you still happen to love it? Like you know it's not trendy anymore, way past its prime and carrying it basically makes you a fashion pariah but you just don't care? You still take it out sometimes, show it a good time and relive the good ol' days? Maybe you do...or maybe you ensure your closet stays clean of all things outdated...which isn't exactly a bad thing. I do it too usually but with this grand lady I make an exception.

The bag in question is the Louis Vuitton Mahina. It enjoyed crazy popularity back in its prime from the end of the 2000s to the first half of the 2010s and was absolutely the thing to own. But go out now and you're likelier to see Santa Claus and his elves than the Mahina on the arms of any self-respecting fashonista. It enjoyed cult status for years only to fall into complete ignominy later. 

Featured up above is my LV Mahina in golden brown, still as beautiful as it was when it first came out. The bag is constructed with sturdy Mahina leather (yes leather...😔😔 that bit does get me), a signature material still used by LV in subsequent collections but with different structures. Its soft, perforated and sturdy material with the monogram scattered across actually offers something right between the effect of the very prominently monogrammed canvasses and the subtler monogram-engraved Empriente and Vernis leathers.  

The Mahina was introduced first in 2007, named after a Hawaiian lunar deity. Its use of crescent styles is an homage to this inspiration. Priced at almost 4000USD at the time, this bag was among the most expensive of its era and was seen on the arms of it girls everywhere. Most people had a tough time affording it because of the very high price point but it was still all the rage. Unfortunately though, despite all the hype, this particular design was discontinued in 2014 and could not become a classic even though its material became a LV staple. Pretty ironic since it came from a brand which is most famous for its commitment to classics.

Anyway I took her out the other day. Just saw her in my closet and she looked so beautiful, matching perfectly with the outfit I wore and I just couldn't help myself. So what if she's no longer the "in" thing? She's still a gorgeous piece of artistry. We had a really nice time out for a brunch and some shopping and I was wondering why I don't carry her more when something funny happened.

Just as I was walking down from an escalator I heard a very mocking cough from someone passing by. I looked up to see a lady sporting a Chanel Boy walking by with a very pointed look of judgement at my choice of the poor, retired Mahina. Thinking back to everything that Chanel has discontinued over the years barring the classic flap I wondered idly if her Boy might meet the fate of my monogrammed lady some day but for that day, in her mind, we were definitely on different planets of style and status. 

The incident did not change my newly revived interest in the bag though and I think I'm going to carry her out more, fashion police be damned, because I love her. She's the only retired, dated 'It' bag in my collection but I don't see myself parting ways with her anytime soon. She is a piece of fashion history and deserves her respect for 7 years of fame. Maybe I'll try to get my hands on a Fendi Spy sometime soon so she can have some company.  


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