My Fashion Philosophy

I'm a classics girl. Pretty early up in my fashion journey I realized that if you go by the Influencer trends you're going to go crazy buying and selling things you don't really need or like while burning your bank balance into the ground. There's a new trend each season and some even last multiple seasons before being archived to consignment stores and, in rare cases, fashion history. However, there are some things which don't have an expiry date. They've been around for decades and are probably going to outlive you. Those are my fix. 

For me, fashion is all about curation and, not the kind where you put your money into something and get more money back. With the exception of Chanel and Hermes that's not really gonna happen with anything else in your collection. Rather, I prefer to spend my money on things which are going to last me a while if not a lifetime. The surging and ebbing trends with each consecutive fashion season are not my cup of tea.

Somewhere that becomes a part of this whole conscious fashion philosophy where you try not to fuel that fast fashion production process which usually means high raw material consumption resulting in quickly dated pieces no one wants to buy.

The fashion industry is among the top pollutants the world over and a major reason behind this is fast fashion. Buying and discarding barely-used items just because they're not "in" anymore seems irresponsible and wasteful to me.

For me each piece in my collection is carefully curated basis its longevity, quality, cost per wear value and ethical footprint. I can appreciate the beauty of a trend piece but it won't make its way back home with me because, being someone who does not work in the fashion industry, I simply struggle to find the time or commitment levels required to track down the latest "in" thing only to wear it for a handful of times before it's fashion radioactive trash and wearing it out will get me withering looks of pity from everyone in the know within miles. 


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