A Few of My Favorite Things...

If you look at my closet I'm mostly an LV girl. It might be cliched but I love my Speedys and my Alma and don't mind adding a Noe or a Palm Springs to my collection next...or maybe a Bandouliere. It's my travel companion of choice and I like the sturdy canvas though not a big fan of the Vachetta they use for a lot of their products, which is basically light-colored untreated leather highly prone to staining and marking as it ages with use. 

If it comes to something a little fancier I prefer something out of a parade of assorted bags by random designers. But something that's become my favorite "fancy handbag" lately is the Lady Dior. For a while the only bag I owned from this design was a gorgeous vintage petite version made out of velvet and satin. That lady is clearly meant for classy night outs but recently I ventured into my first classic design, opting for the large simply because I wanted something I could use while traveling. The only downside to it is that it is a full leather bag and I prefer options which use zero to minimal leather.

I'd heard from a lot of people that they find the bag a bit difficult to use because of the narrow zippered opening crafted out of patent leather. This is actually quite true but it isn't something you can't get past. After using it long enough you do get used to negotiating the opening. I'm pretty happy with the large version and my next purchase is definitely going to be the medium, preferably in satin or fabric to avoid leather. Haven't really decided on the mini. Though it is so cute everyone I know who's bought it cribs about the lack of space. In that size, accessibility to its contents actually does become a challenge too. 

This bag, named after Princess Diana-who was an ardent fan of it, has been around for years and keeps getting reinvented every year. I love the reinventions but the classic version with cannage stitching and the silver/gold Dior jewellery remains my favorite. It's a very versatile bag and the medium version can actually serve you for anything from a grocery run to a cocktail dinner...though maybe try not to wear it over pajamas if you can. 

While the Dior saddle bag made a return recently and is all the craze at the moment I could never really buy into that hype. It looks good for a casual bag but I have yet to see one I liked strongly enough to buy...maybe something in black?

After Louis Vuitton, the most represented brand in my closet is actually a tie between Gucci and Prada. Something which is common to both these brands is that they never really managed to produce that one iconic piece like the Speedy, the Lady Dior or the Chanel Classic Flap. Prada may still talk about the classic nylon backpack, or the Galleria Saffiano Tote (hate the design-screams grandma!) or even the Cahier to some extent but Gucci is still playing around with their designs. Lately the brand has tried to establish three 'Gucci Beloved' lines with the Marmont, Dionysus and the Horsebit styles but it remains yet to be seen if these stick around or morph into something else. The Marmont still has potential to grow into a classic of its own right but the brand needs to nail down a few familiar structures and silhouettes before it can truly make that move toward having reliable classics in its range. 

Because of this fast fashion flavor for both, I prefer owning pieces which serve my purpose rather than fit in with the new 'in' thing. Gucci actually offers great functional options in canvas while Prada offers the same in nylon so you can easily avoid full-leather bags. Half the time I think I buy Prada items simply because I'm either in love with  their black tessuto material or enamored by the elegance of their logo be it triangular or the plain lettering. Also the fact that what they make is not just beautiful but also very, very functional...but mostly it's just the love affair with the logo.

Another brand which is quickly becoming a favorite is Stella McCartney. I recently purchased a Falabella and in the process became more involved in understanding what the brand stands for. While the range offered is not very diverse, the overall animal and nature friendly philosophy of the brand just resonates with me so deeply that I definitely see myself going back for more if not stopping buying from all others entirely to exclusively buy just from them.

The one brand which I have a tough time convincing myself on is Chanel. While I have a Chanel PST and a small vintage handbag and happen to admire the Classic Flap, just something about it's price point does not sit well with me. I just can't justify spending so much on one bag to myself. That and Coco Chanel's Nazi connections put me off the brand to quite an extent. Jury is still out on it. I might cave in and get a classic flap one day but that will probably be the only other Chanel bag I get...possibly in tweed. The Boy has never appealed to me and I'm sort of disinterestedly waiting to see if it becomes a classic or gets discontinued like other hyped bags from the brand. 

Hermes is a similar story. Though there are no Nazi connections, just the general snootiness of the brand puts me off. I don't see myself getting a Birkin or a Kelly anytime soon. Apart from the fact that both are full-leather bags and cost an amount I can definitely not justify spending, they also look to me like something a grandmother should be carrying. Neither design appeals much aesthetically....in fact none of the Hermes bags do except maybe the Garden Party, which I happen to own in a canvas version and like. But I like it as I would any tote bag with no real special appreciation for the brand. I prize my self-respect and if I'm going into a shop to buy something, could be a toothpaste, forget something so damn expensive, I expect to be treated well. Not as if I am some supplicant trying to get my hands on the queen's crown jewels. She can keep her jewels and be damned for it. 

I feel that the brand may be missing out on the preferences of Millennials and GenZ cohorts for authenticity and mutual respect. Yes there are many still buying Hermes products but I'm sure there are more people like me who baulk at the idea of going into a boutique either because of bad personal experiences or because of horror stories heard from friends and social media about how badly the SAs treat new customers.

I own pieces here and there from brands I don't really agree with philosophically like D&G  but they will never comprise the majority of my closet . For me what stays with me most is what makes sense functionally and resonates in what it stands for as a brand. 


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